Back by popular demand:

Back by popular demand for 2024 re the Contemporary Antiques, Gunning Shorebird and Decorative Shorebird Divisions.

Important:: Identifying the number of volunteers necessary to conduct the contest is a challenge. The Guild is suspending certain Contest Divisions as standalone divisions for 2024. Please refer to the 2024 Contest Rules for alternative divisions which may be entered instead of the suspended divisions

Mail-in entrees:

Mail-in entrees will be accepted through March 14, 2024, for the 2024 contest. To make arrangements for mail-ins, contact Tony Banks, Contest Co-Chair, at (804)-514-5207

Revised 11.11.2023

ATTENTION: Please see  CONTEST RULES PAGE  to download complete listing of all Competition Rules for 2024 Decoy Contest

General Rules Overall:
Entries may be entered in one class in the competition per year and not in that same class in subsequent competitions.
-The Competition Chairman will be the final authority for questions concerning any rules.
General Rules for Floating Division Decoys:
-Entry must self-right from any position. The decoy will be placed in tank on its back to self-right. Only two attempts will be made for it to self-right. Youth Division entries and Swans do not have to self-right. Geese and Brant will be placed in tank on their sides.
-Each entry must have an anchor attachment.
-No machined turned decoys, or molded bodies or heads will be allowed in any Division.
-All entries must be a North American species.
-All entries must be painted in colors that represent winter plumage.
-No Flocking allowed on decoy surface.
-No hybrid species allowed.
-No “Tip-up”, “Butt-up” decoys allowed.
-Judges at their discretion may, or may not, examine each decoy by holding or touching it with their hands.
-Final judging will be done 20 ft. from tank.
-Only species listed on the registration form will be judged in each Division, other species will be placed in Bench Class.